Unikktle Keyword

Unikktle Keyword is an Internet research support system that finds keywords related to what you want to know and helps you search the Internet.

Relevant keywords are displayed at the top and Bing / Google / Yahoo search for the keywords you are interested in can improve the efficiency of the survey.
The number of keywords analyzed so far is 13085753 . These keywords are particularly useful suggestions when you have no idea what to look for.

Unikktle.com's keyword search screen and related keyword screens allow anyone to place free / paid ads linked to keywords.

Unikktle Keyword when you don't want to read long sentences.

Unikktle Mind

Unikktle Mind is a model sharing system that allows you to create and share mind maps and models with simple notation.

Unikktle Mentor

Unikktle Mentor is a service created based on psychological knowledge that quantitatively and qualitatively analyzes a person's mental health and supports self-checking of their health condition.
You can grasp the decrease and increase of mentality for each team or organization.

Unikktle Blog

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